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Process design, optimization and intensification

Edited by Dr Rafiqul Gani

Scope: This section considers the design, optimization and intensification of chemical processes. This includes fundamental work on process and product systems engineering, multiphase processing, materials processing, particle technology, product design, process monitoring and optimization, reactor miniaturization, multifunctionality and intensification of process operation. The section will also consider papers applying process design, optimization and intensification principles to the chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, materials and energy industries.

Reaction engineering and catalysis

Edited by Dr. Hyunjoo Lee

Scope: This section covers all areas of chemical, biochemical, photochemical and electrochemical reaction engineering and catalysis including, but not limited to, reaction kinetics, reaction pathways and design, reactor engineering, simulation and optimization of new processes and multiphase reactors. The section particularly welcomes papers on the fundamentals of catalysis and catalytic reaction engineering including heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis and biocatalysis, mechanistic and kinetic studies and applications of bioreactors and membrane bioreactors

Transport phenomena

Edited by Professor Robert Field

Scope: This section covers all aspects of energy and mass transport related to chemical engineering. This includes fundamental and applied papers on thermodynamics, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, multiphase flow, porous media flow, microfluidics, fluidization and the transport related aspects of separation processes including absorption, adsorption and membrane processes.

Separation and purification processes

Edited by Dr. Gongping Liu

Scope: This section welcomes fundamental and applied papers on membrane separation, adsorption technology, phase separation, extraction, distillation, chromatography, continuous separations and hybrid separation processes. Papers focussed on the applications of separation and purification processes to fields including, but not limited to, energy storage, desalination, biotechnology, resource recovery and bio-based feedstocks will also be considered.

Plant design, management and control

Edited by Professor Jay H. Lee

Scope: This section covers all aspects of chemical plant design, management and control.  Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, process synthesis and design, process modeling and simulation, optimization, planning /scheduling, control, process monitoring, fault detection / diagnosis and plant design and economics.

Sustainable chemical and biochemical processes

Edited by Professor Adam Lee

Scope: This section welcomes chemical engineering research with a focus on sustainability. This can include fundamental and applied work on sustainable reaction engineering, sustainable process design, resource-saving processes, cost benefit analysis, life cycle assessment, clean processes and green engineering. Applications can be related to the chemical, petrochemical, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, materials or energy industries.